Polish branded formal collections

The Polish Fashion project new campaign featured the Ambassadors of the initiative: Mister of Poland Rafał Maślak and four Polish women who won a nationwide casting: Agnieszka Basińska, Martyna Chmielewska, Alicja Chrząszcz and Katarzyna Fornalkiewicz.

Work, important business meetings and other official situations require appropriate clothing. Currently, the business code is not as stiff as before, and various actions diversifying styling are allowed. Unfortunately, such freedom may have disastrous effects, because the boundary between what is appropriate and what is beginning to be inappropriate can be very thin. The new session of the Polish Fashion project hints how to show your best side in official circumstances, emphasise the strengths of your silhouette and at the same time smuggle items showing your own style and character. The session is arranged in a place pretending to be a fashion designers' studio, where a new collection is just being created. Sebastian Zieliński was the photographer, while the styling was developed by Rafał Orłowicz.



Photos, from left: Alicja Chrząszcz (dress EZURI, bracelet SEYES, ballet pumps Nord), Martyna Chmielewska (blouse, skirt Senso, jewellery SEYES, high heels Nord), Rafał Maślak (shirt KASTOR, trousers Sempre, shoes Nord).


A minimalist white dress combined with expressive jewellery and ballet pumps in a dark colour is good for working women who really appreciate convenience. It will look good both on figures similar to Alicja's, thin and tall, and on women wearing larger sizes. Martyna's set – an airy blouse and a flare knee-length skirt with a subtle floral design - is the timeless elegance inspired by the '50s. High heels are a necessary addition to give the silhouette lightness. Rafał's set, in turn, shows how to cleverly replace a white shirt and smart trousers with a more casual look making a man feel comfortable at his daily work. The leather shoes, colour-matched to the shirt, are an important element of his clothing.

In the following pictures, the stylist Rafał Orłowicz shows how one can play with colours within the business code. The photographs contrast white and sky-blue - an open suit jacket and ¾ trousers, and snakeskin high heels worn by Martyna, the blue and navy look of Rafał Maślak combined with shoes also in shades of blue. On the other hand, Agnieszka's classic white shirt was broken with a coloured pencil skirt with a distinctive print. Alicja stands out of the group wearing a multicoloured patchwork jacket, a silk shirt shimmering in the light and red, patent leather heel pumps. The styling was muted with navy blue trousers referring to the elements of the jacket. The stylist used here black eye-catching jewellery.


Photos, from left: Martyna Chmielewska (white jacket High Fashion, trousers EZURI, pumps NORD, bracelet SEYES), Rafał Maślak (shirt KASTOR, trousers Sempre, shoes NORD), Agnieszka Basińska (white shirt Senso, skirt High Fashion, jewellery SEYES, shoes NORD), Alicja Chrząszcz (patchwork jacket and shirt Paola Collection, trousers EZURI, shoes NORD).


The following photographs show stylist's variations on using white in official costumes. Alicja Chrząszcz presents a total white look consisting of a jacket and a dress, Agnieszka Basińska is wearing a simple grey jacket without a collar, which blends perfectly with the white set: a minimalist shirt and elegant trousers. A surprising proposal presented by Kasia Fornalkiewicz: combining a rather loose dress with a romantic floral design with a necklace consisting of delicate beads and a chain. This detail definitely attracts attention. Martyna chose a different, girlish cut. A tunic dress has been enhanced with a gold piping trim. A hidden puller allows you to freely customise the dress cut for the occasion and the rest of the clothing. The stylist chose the most casual set for Rafał Maślak: a leather jacket, a white polo shirt with denim elements and blue trousers. Mannishly, with character and a distinctive style.



Photos, from left: Alicja Chrząszcz (white jacket, dress – SU), Agnieszka Basińska (ash-coloured jacket, white shirt, trousers Paola Collection), Rafał Maślak (leather jacket Carl Verssen, polo shirt Lanieri Fashion, trousers Sempre), Katarzyna Fornalkiewicz (dress Paola Collection, necklace SEYES), Martyna Chmielewska (dress High Fashion).

In the photograph where Rafał Maślak is leaving the office, the model is wearing a semi-formal set: a blue sweater, underneath a shirt and denim trousers matched in colour to the quilted jacket. The whole was complemented by the stylist with casual leather shoes.

The photo session was conducted in the showroom of the Polish brand balma, a leading manufacturer of office furniture in the country.


Photo: Rafał Maślak (jacket, sweater Lanieri Fashion, shirt KASTOR, trousers Sempre, shoes KOMA)